Moisture Mapper™ Integration with Xactware® Enhances Water Damage Loss Management

LAWRENCE, MA – February 11, 2011 – Contractors using software tools from Moisture Mapper can now speed their workflows with a new seamless integration between Moisture Mapper™ and XactAnalysis®.

Moisture Mapper International, Inc. the leading provider of web-based moisture tracking tools, has completed a data integration that will allow Moisture Mapper data to be displayed in XactAnalysis, the industry's leading online claims management and analytics tool from Xactware. This effort is in response to feedback from numerous Moisture Mapper customers who requested a connection to Xactware's platform.

"We've established a reputation in the water damage restoration industry by providing the ability for claim professionals to view the mitigation process data through XactAnalysis while at the same time making our software powerful and yet easy for contractors to use," said Craig Fillmann, Chief Technology Officer of Moisture Mapper International, Inc. "This collaboration will also help contractors speed up data entry and reduce the number of human errors made during data input."

Xactware's real-time analytical application, XactAnalysis, which allows users to track their claims and create real-time reports on demand, now sends and receives data directly to and from Moisture Mapper; enabling users to analyze drying trends and generate clear graphs of various aspects of water damage mitigation projects. After selecting the "Export to Moisture Mapper" checkbox within XactAnalysis, contractors can manually export assignment data to Moisture Mapper, which automatically generates a new claim file in Moisture Mapper, or updates an existing file. During the course of the job and/or upon completion, a contractor can export the equipment that was used directly from Moisture Mapper to the Xactimate estimate. This saves time for the contractor when tracking equipment usage and reduces the possibility of error by only listing the drying equipment used in the Xactimate estimate.

For contractors, the automatic movement of important drying data from Moisture Mapper's tools to Xactware's platform is designed to save substantial amounts of time and resources when relaying water damage estimate data.

For insurers, the two-way integration of Moisture Mapper with XactAnalysis offers one "port of entry" through XactAnalysis, providing the ability to see all of the water claim process documentation. The new display also allows carriers to be proactive in analyzing the mitigation process throughout the job.

About Moisture Mapper International, Inc.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Moisture Mapper International Inc. is the industry leader in software focusing on the standardization of the water damage restoration process. Introduced to the market in 2005, the program uses proprietary web-based software that provides repeatable quality job management for the contractor and analytical tools for the insurance industry.

Moisture Mapper uses its patented algorithms, developed from an empirically generated database of hundreds of thousands of jobs to help insurers accurately analyze projects; resulting in substantial savings.

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Moisture Mapper™ Integration with Xactware® Enhances Water Damage Loss Management

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